Welcome to my website!
I am Ulrike Scholtes (PhD, she/her): social scientist, artistic researcher and teacher of movement and body awareness.

In my research and education, I strive to emancipate bodily knowledge and skills, showing and letting people experience how body awareness can enhance their practices as researcher, artist and/or those practices that are usually not associated with using the body. For me, feeling, using and moving the body is part of any practice or profession and should therefore be attuned to the practices we perform on a daily basis. In and through my work, I foreground that feeling, moving and using the body in any way does not come naturally, but is learned and trained. I teach and write about body awareness, sensitivity and bodily enskilment (see research and education) and create performative interventions that produce bodily knowledge (see artistic practice). 

Building on my research and year-long experience in a broad range of movement practices, I also develop education and training programs for school and universities, interventions for companies, training for groups and trajectories for individuals (see trainings and workshops). 


On June 13th 2022, I successfully defended my PhD Dissertation, entitled "Feeling Techniques - making methods to articulate bodily practices". For more information see research