Deriving from a triple background in arts, anthropology and movement practices, Ulrike Scholtes researches what she calls “feeling techniques”; ways of using the body that both enhance and rely on specific sensitivities. She is interested in what kind of knowledge is produced and transmitted in practices that draw on sensitivity; a kind of so called “implicit” or “tacit” knowledge that is often considered part of the realm of the non-representational. By articulating these techniques and the knowledge they produce she works on blurring binaries such as feeling/thinking, sensitivity/knowledge, emotional/rational and intuition/technique. Building on research in anthropology, science and technology studies and artistic research this project aims at emancipating sensitivity as a practice that can exist in its own right and can inform other ways of knowing such as social science and artistic practices. 


Ulrike is currently working on her PhD research at the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research) and at the centre for art, autonomy and the public sphere


As a professional teacher in movement practices, Ulrike also develops education and training programs for school and universities. Learning about and from different body practices that derive from therapeutic as well as artistic methods, participants learn how different sensitivities can foster their own research or artistic practices. See more under education, trainings and workshops.