Final assignment body work 2023 part 2

Next to the group performances (final assignment part 1), we ask you to do the audio exercise below, including the documentation exercises, and write a reflection. 

This reflection will count as part of your final assignment. The deadline is June 12th.  

Your reflection should be between 700 and 1000 words and include reflections on: 

- the audio exercise and the way using the different Viewpoints made you aware of your body and your surroundings. 

- the documentation exercises and the way documenting made you work with Viewpoints (differently) and how this made you aware of your body and your surroundings. 

- a short reflection on how what you became aware of matters for your artistic (research) practice. 

- please include photo's or experts from the documentations you made during the exercise.

Viewpoints audiowalk

This exercise consits of audio fragments and drawing exercises. 

To practice this exercise:

1. print your 'VIEWPOINTS AUDIOWALK documentation notebook' (see instructions below).

2. go out into a public place. Bring your phone and headphones. Bring your notebook and pen.

3. Listen to the audio files in the order suggested below: 

Alternate between listening and moving, and using the 'VIEWPOINTS AUDIOWALK documentation notebook' to make documentations/drawings. 

Move for around 5 minutes and draw for around 3 minutes. 


Note: the whole exercise takes around 75 minutes. You can practice the whole exercise at once, or divide it into pieces. 

Listen, walk...

and draw

Adobe Acrobat Document 104.8 KB

Instructions for printing the notebook

- Print the PDF file on A4 paper, single sided, horizontal/landscape direction. 

- Fold the pages into a (A5) notebook (as illustrated in the pictures below)

- Hold the pages together with a string or elastic band

- The first half of your notebook will contain the drawing assignments (in the same order as the audio files) and empty space to draw. The second half of your notebook will have extra empty space to draw or make notes. 


... or use the single A4 sheets to draw on.