On Oktober 7th 2022, the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht hosted an evening about gender, activism and feminism in Art (institutions) (see www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/nl/events/studium-generale-bff-11-shake-patriarchy). As a contribution for this evening, I created a Sensory Knowledge Audio Tour that highlighted some of the art works and exhibitions of the museum. Rather than focusing on meaning, background or craftsmanship of the art works, the tour challenged the audience to experience the art work in a bodily kind of way. Participants were engaged to use their own bodily knowledge in order to understand the art works and their own relation to it through lived and embodied experience. Emancipating this different way of engaging with the world, the exercises in the tour did not talk of, but enacted relationality and lived experience with female bodies presented and present in the art museum. 


For more information and a feeling for this work, listen to the Introduction of the Audio Tour here: 

Introduction to Sensory Knowledge Audio Tour
Audio lecture performance by Ulrike Scholtes.
Lengt: 9 minutes
MP3 Audio File 13.1 MB