Care and embodied labour

Lately, I have been working with the term “embodied labour”. I build on the work of those who foreground art as labour, the artist as art worker, shedding light on the conditions, relations, physical work, preparations, and care required to sustain this work. In Art work: Invisible Labour and the Legacy of Yugoslav Socialism, Praznik (2021) shows how society’s glorification of art, renders artistic work as non-labour and neglects the conditions in which this art is produced, which contributes to the exploitative systemic structures on which these conditions rely (leading to e.g., underpayment of the artist and/or payment based on outcome, instead of labour). 



Rahima Gambo’s and Innocent Ekejiuba’s work called Tired Nigerian Artist (2021) is an example of articulating embodied labour. Through interviews with different Nigerian art workers, published as podcasts and guide-books, they produced A Guide for Rest, that visualizes the practices of self-care these workers depend upon within the context and conditions of the Nigerian society and artworld, including practices such as reading feminist literature and making art that de-centres the privileged gaze (these are practices proposed by artist Olatunde Alara), or becoming financially literate and improving interpersonal skills (proposed by artist Amanda Iheme). 

Your 10 caring techniques

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    fenne (Wednesday, 15 November 2023 16:42)

    - allowing touch
    - capturing and documenting my body
    - rest takes many forms
    - celebrating my body
    - consistency
    - nourishing foods
    - allowing movement without judgement
    - cleanlyness
    - valueing process of change
    - being uncomfortable

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    A (Monday, 13 November 2023 16:56)

    1. taking my time to slow down
    2. nourishing my body with fulfilling food
    3. creating without any pressure or purpose
    4. reading and researching things that spark my creativity
    5. sharing and learning from each other
    6. letting my body be moved by music
    7. laying down, closing my eyes, being present
    8. having a good cry
    9. asking for help, accepting it, warm hugs
    10. soft showers and a fresh bed afterwards