Draw or describe in other ways: 

- the space(s) in which you do (most of) your artistic research work (using the legend as prompts for what you can document: big structures/masses, objects, floor pattern ect)

- how you position yourself in the world (using the legend in a metaphorical way: what are the big structures/masses you have to move around, what are objects you move with or around? How do you move in, relate to and position yourself in this world?)

Practice: Outside the instrument - positioning in and moving through space

Duration: more or less one hour

Location: outside / the street 

Preparation: Bring headphones so you can listen to the audio exercise while walking. Bring a notebook. Bring a face mask.

Documentation: You are documenting during your walk. You can use the document that you can download below. 

References, sources: 

Bogart, A. & Landau, T. (2005). The viewpoints Book. A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition. New York: Theatre Communication Group

Newlove, J. & Dably, J. (2004). Laban for all. New York: Routledge

Note: The instructions to this exercise were recorded online (in order for me to practice myself what I invite you to do), so you may experience some disturbances from the wind blowing into the microphone. This is particularly problematic in the beginning, but it gets better after a few minutes. 


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Use this worksheet to make your documentations or as a tool to remember the different aspects of this exercise.
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